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Agnelli Professional Saucepan High Skipping - Tubular Handle - Aluminium 24 - 28 - 32 cm

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ALMA111B24-28 Professional Aluminium 3 mm thickness. Saute Pan With One Tubular Handle, Two Sizes 24 and 28 cm.

Aluminium is very versatile, it adapts to different cooking techniques, has excellent constant heat conductivity over its entire surface, easy to handle and very light; it resists impacts, thermal shocks, abrasions and corrosion and does not require maintenance; moreover, aluminium is a 100% recyclable material; it has been verified that also from the health point of view it does not involve any risk in contact with food as indicated in the Law Decree of 18 April 2007 on the hygienic discipline of materials and objects of aluminium and aluminium alloys destined to come into contact with food, published by the Ministry of Health: "the important thing is that the pot you use is made of aluminium for food and has a purity of not less than 99%".