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Earthenware/Terracotta Anxanum Casserole for Tapas - Sizes 16 - 22 - 24 cm

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Terracotta Anxanum Casserole Made in Italy and used in homes and restaurants across Italy for cooking and serving a whole variety of dishes. All our tapas dishes from 16cm to 42cm are made in the same style, glaze and colour by the same manufacturer. When you use a classic terracotta casserole to cook with, you will find it heats evenly, and retains the heat longer than any other dishes. So when you bring your soup, stew, or sizzling garlic shrimp to the table in a casserole, you guarantee that your creation will be served at its best. But cooking is not the only use for these handy dishes. They can be used to serve olives, almonds, and other tapas. Casserole are very versatile, that's why they have been used since the time of the Romans! The glaze on the casserole is perfectly safe for all applications and it does not contains lead. When cooking with terracotta, the key is to increase and decrease heat gradually to avoid cracking and shattering the dishes.

Before use soak the casserole in water for 12 hours. Hand wash is recommended. Can be used on gas and electric hobs as well we microwave and oven.

Sizes Available:  16 - 22 - 24 cm