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Non-Stick Chip Pan Set Deep Fryer Cook Pot with Basket - Aluminium 24 - 28 cm

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You like the taste of freshly fried food but do not want to get yourself an electric frying pan as you will not use it that often. And here you find the practical deep frying pan. It is made of non-stick-coated steel plate. You should adjust the filling level to the food you want to fry. With a diameter of 24/28cm the deep fryer can provide you with a lot of chips, vegetables, meat or fish. To facilitate removing the food out of the pan the pa comes includes a metal basket. The chip basket features two handles via which you can lever it out of the frying pan. Then you arrest the basket with the handles above the frying pot and the excess fat can drain. The deep fryer is usable for electric and gas hobs. After usage you should not clean the cookware in the dishwasher, as this could damage the non-stick coating.


  • The chip pan set is a popular feature of the home kitchen guaranteed to be used often Deep fryer pot with metal chip basket
  • Carbon Steel Non-Stick
  • Suitable for gas and electric
  • Sizes available: 24 and 28 cm
Package Include:
Deep Frying Pan with handle and frying basket